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Affiliate Marketing & Online Mentorship

When I ventured into the digital marketing world I was navigating chaos. We were recovering from a flood that stripped us of 85% of our belongings, our home and my car. Yet, I sensed the untapped potential of this path. Amidst the madness I decided to leap into a new journey, even if it didn’t seem like the “perfect time”. Juggling school runs, coaching & family upheaval wasn’t easy. But within me burned the desire for growth and wellness for my family. I took a bold step - investing in my aspirations and our health. It was a conversation that had been postponed, a declaration of my commitment to my dreams. My refuge lay in a community that resonated with authenticity. Here, I could shed my masks and simply be myself. Digital marketing became a wave that I rode with fluctuating motivation. In moments of doubt, my newfound tribe held me close, with no judgment, no shame - just unwavering support. I learnt to ask for breaks without fear. The community provided a safety net, unlike anything I had ever experienced in the traditional workforce. Today I stand in my own space of empowerment and certainty. Back in our home with a newfound stability, I’m positioned to thrive. My energy has shifted. I am armed with solutions for fellow driven mothers seeking an escape from the rat race, just as I did. My journey taught me that community support and individual growth intertwine harmoniously. Through transformational coaching, I’m here to help you chart your path & thrive - no matter what.

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