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Grab a cuppa, get cosy and get to know me

Heavily meditated business owner with a passion for conscious living and practicing what I preach! 

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My Story

Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Firstly for being here, for reading my story and for coming along for this journey!

My story is one of passion, boredom, stress, bliss and being bold.

I grew up in the 80's. A street back from the beach in North Queensland, Australia. For the first 10 years of my life, I had salty hair, I ate mango's daily and life was a dream.

We moved to Southern Australia, Victoria when I was 11 and I went to a small school. Highschool came and went. Things weren't actually that easy for me during the tail end of my schooling years. I had no direction. I didn't know what I wanted to do after school other than travel.

After a dicey breakup, I did just that. Jumped into a plane and travelled for a good year.  One of the boldest and best decisions I have ever made.  I came home with a fresh perspective and new thirst for life.

I moved to Melbourne and got 'a real job'. I worked in law firms from then on for 8 years. Working with incredible inspiring people who are experts in their fields. I worked in intellectual property, mainly on pharmaceutical matters.

I loved where I worked at this point, but there was something missing.  There was an element of my life that I couldn't piece together and yet I had no idea what it was or how to get it.

I met my partner and during this time and we quickly discovered a love of travel that saw us walk together over many countries. We lived in Canada for a stint, we travelled Central America, went on many trips to NZ and when we would return, we would pick our jobs up again and continue on.

We then decided to see more of Australia, so we got a tenant in our house, quit our jobs and away we went. We travelled for 9 months with a flexible schedule. Afterall, this was PC (PRE KIDS).   When we returned, we decided to move states. We also decided to have a baby. 

A new baby, a big move and a desire to see where this would lead us actually led me to the expansion of my mind. My true awakening. 

I began to explore my own neuro-diversity. I began to understand and unearth parts of myself that had been waiting for me to set them free. I got curious about my life, about myself, about why I do things and how I do things. I got curious about others as well.

I had another baby, I now had two boys. 

I did go back to professional services for a while. I worked in Higher Education with a company that trains doctors to be General Practitioners. This role was pivotal to my own personal expansion. Working with such knowledgeable and efficient humans really taught me to stand in my power. 

This was also a stressful time. I got a promotion, COVID had hit the world, I was juggling home life/work life and wearing all the hats and doing all the things. I also found out I was pregnant, surprise!


I called on my wealth of experience and got myself organised but more than that, I started to set boundaries particularly in my work environment. I became both incredibly efficient and incredibly bewildered by the inefficiency of others. I was already practicing the art of observation without being truly aware of it.


I went on maternity leave and welcomed a little baby girl to our family.


It was at this point that I began to call in more of my intuition. I started listening a lot more not only to those around me, but to myself.  I started listening with more than just my ears. I started to see clearly.  I followed my intuition which led me to study Reiki with Nourished Energy.  I am now a certified Reiki Practitioner.  I listened when I was led to become a certified advanced life coach with the International Coaching Institute.  

The universe works in wonderful and mysterious ways and at the start of 2022 our lives were thrown into what I thought at the time was chaos.  Our home was flooded during a storm and most of our belongings, our home and car were severely damaged or written off. 


The universe forced me to make a decision. I had a lot of plates spinning at one time. I had gone back to work and was juggling everything, trying to make everything work. Something had to give. I decided to focus on my family and my own business and it was through this period that Connect was truly born.

Now I am able to guide others through the obstacles that the work life balance brings up, reduce stress in my clients and improve their relationships with others and themselves. Connect offers coaching, reiki and affiliate marketing mentorship.

Along with the holistic therapies that I offer, I also mentor driven women in how to integrate affiliate marketing within the online space. This avenue of my business has allowed me the time freedom and wealth to truly live in congruence with my values. The automation this business provides has been a blessing considering I'm a mum of three busy little kids. If you've been tossing up adding in an additional income stream into your life I encourage you to look for a sustainable, scalable and ecological business model. If you want to know more about the affiliate marketing mentorship I offer I invite you to book in a clarity call. 


So now I Iive with ease and pleasure and I want you to know that this is possible for you too. I have cultivated a lifestyle that I want and you can too. 


I love connecting with like minded people and learning about others. If you are juggling lots of hats at the moment and are feeling like you could benefit from  a little more inner freedom, time freedom or some extra cash for some help around the home, I invite you to contact me. Get ready to claim your deepest desires and live a life designed by your very own choosing! It is actually easy. Life can be fun. It can flow. It can be calm. 


You are your biggest cheerleader. You are the creator of all you are.  If you are yet to have that belief, let me be the key that unlocks it all for you! You can find ways to work with me in the Therapies tab.

Have a magical day!



Collaborations, facilitation and enquiries welcome

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