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Packages & Rates

Put Your Life Into Focus

$1297/6 sessions

Value YOU Package

Value YOU is a package that hones in on what you are ultimately wanting to achieve. This package will have you thinking like you never have before. I understand that each individual that I walk this path with has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching what they want to achieve. As part of this program you will have a 1:1 weekly session with me and weekly homeplay with activities to complete. Give me a call and let’s get the ball rolling.

$2497/3 months

Value YOU & Be SMART

This package combines Value YOU package with the ultimate goal setting tools available to you within the Be SMART eBook. Goal setting with me is next level and I can take you there too! 
This 3 month package includes 2 monthly 1:1 60 minute calls with me aswell as 2 1:1 express sessions of 15-30 minutes, there are two workbooks to work through as well as access to the private FB support group of like minded people. There are a bunch of additional goodies that you get with this package too, if you are interested in knowing more, get in touch.

$5997/6 months

Platinum Alignment

The Platinum Alignment package is 6 month program which will transform your life if you are willing to play at 100%. This is the package for you if you want clarity, focus and tools to smash your goals. I will be supporting your progress and keeping you on track with your goals and your vision. This package includes 2 monthly 1:1 calls with me; two Mastermind Sessions, 3 workbooks to work through; deluxe gift bundle; private FB support group of like minded people; free access for webinars throughout the year and a bunch of other fantastic inclusions. Along with all this you will have unlimited access to me throughout your journey to encourage you and help you realign to your path when needed. SO many goodies in this package for you to enjoy and get value from!


Reiki Treatment

Enjoy the benefits of a Reiki treatment in a 1hr session.
Reiki is a non invasive healing modality. It can assist with deep relaxation, lower stress, it will soothe the autonomic nervous system and reduce pain. Reiki also helps to balance your bodies energy centers or Chakras, releasing blocked or stagnant energy allowing the clear flow of energy through your body. Book in a session today and notice the difference Reiki can make in your life!

I am so excited that you've chosen the path of coaching. Get in touch so we can work out a package for you today.

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