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How becoming curious can get you 'unstuck'

Getting curious about what interests you doesn’t have to consume you. It can be something that you dedicate a small portion of your day to. All this hype around ‘living your best life’, ‘finding your passion’, it can all seem like some far fetched reality that the every day person is too busy to find out, let alone have time for! Let’s unpack this a little, take out the dreaminess and put it into small achievable chunks – sounds easy right? It SO can be!

Are you a multiplistic thinker? In your day to day life do you delegate tasks? Do you have more than one project on the go at once? It is this type of behaviour that is multiplistic and this behaviour can be cultivated in other areas of your life.

If you haven’t found your passion or what lights you up that’s fine – you are in the majority of the population, congratulations. That's completely normal, most people haven't!

If you carve out 20% of your time throughout your day – which can be while sipping your morning coffee or during a break from the emails. Carve out some pockets of time to find things that simply spark your interest. Ask yourself, does this interest me? If it is a yes, that’s all it needs to be.

As an example, I might see a post on Tai Chi – does tai chi interest me? Yes. That’s it. I’m not about to quit my day job, start a tai chi career and move countries. I might buy a book, say yes to a free webinar or explore what Tai Chi is about, check out the philosophy behind it and if I am still finding it interesting, I’ll keep being curious.

You can see what I mean right, its about discovering parts of life that you find interesting, and then being curious about it. Give yourself permission to be curious. The brain is an incredible machine and the more we teach it to look for things we don't normally pay attention to, the more we will see, like opportunities to find this that might interest us.

It can seem pretty obvious in retrospect, bringing things back to basics. Its like when you are in the company of children and they just give pretty much anything a go (albeit with a bit of encouragement from either their peers or parental figures). They are willing to give things a go and if they love it they’ll do it again and again. If they don’t love it, no harm done they gave it a try. Blessed are the brave as their curiosity keeps them young at heart.

It is easier to stay in the comfort of what you know, but have you ever wondered what happened to that little part of you that gets excited at the thought of trying something new? That part of you is still there, you just have to reignite it and becoming curious about what interests you is a great place to start. If we give this mindset a try on and approach a couple of snippets of our day with that childlike curiosity, lets imagine for a minute where that might take us?

The world suddenly becomes your oyster.

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